This is an open-source, fan-made project.

Online User Guide

Setting Up:

The dealer will deal a normal amount of cards to all players and computer instances.

All computers neer to be running either the web version or Python version.

The computer goes to the left of the dealer. This way the computer is always last in a round.

Playing the Game:

The dealer will play for all of the computers.

When a computer is selecting a card, it does so from left-to-right from the screen. In other words, if the dealer is facing the computer and the computer selects card 1, the dealer would grab the far right card from the computer's hand.

To have the computer select multiple cards, select the corrosponding button.

The dealer will then grab the first card from the hand, then the next, and so on.

When the computer judges, it does so from the dealer and goes clockwise. In other words, the dealer is number 1 and the player to the right is number 2 and so on. The computer(s) are the last in the lineup.